Vintage Handmade 14K Solid Gold Basket Weave Lighter w/Custom Carrying Case


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Offered for sale is a 14K Solid Gold basket weave Lighter, probably made in USA ca. 1940s.  This lighter is similar in style to a very famous brand lighter whose name I cannot mention here (let’s call it Brand Z).  This lighter features a hand woven (not stamped) intricate basket weave design and an unbranded insert.  There are no visible manufacturers marks or hallmarks, however the quality is consistent with that of the top jewelry makers of its day, and was most likely custom made for a discerning client.  The lighter tests at 14K gold, and weighs 1.41 troy ounces without the insert.  The lighter is very slightly smaller than a Brand Z lighter and will not accept a genuine Brand Z insert, even though it is very similar in size.  The lighter is in excellent condition, showing signs of occasional pocket carry.  Included with the lighter is a custom made carrying case.  The previous owner of the lighter had the carrying case made out of fabric from a Louis Vuitton briefcase, and had a small gold cartouche with a diamond set into it.  Needs only flint and fluid to work.  You can own this amazing handmade solid gold lighter for $2,999.99.