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Did you know that timepieces need regular maintenance to keep them in top running condition?
If it has been several years since your clock or watch has been serviced, call us!

If you have a timepiece that needs special attention, you’ve come to the right place. The skilled staff at Mike’s H & E Clocks is dedicated to ‘saving time’ through the repair and restoration of rare, antique and vintage timepieces.


  • Periodic Cleanings & oiling
  • Warranty Work on Howard Miller, Ridgeway, and other clocks.
  • Appraisals – both written and verbal
  • Securing clocks for moves and Set-up after moves.
  • House calls on Grandfather Clocks
  • All types of repairs: fine timepieces, chart drives, time recorders, weather instruments, aircraft clocks and nautical timepieces

Clock and Watch Repairs

We work on all types of antique, vintage, and modern clocks and watches, both for private individuals and to the trade. (Exceptions: we do not work on Timex, Lorus, Casio, and certain other low-end watches; “fake” or “replica” watches; watches with cylinder escapements; and LED digital clocks or watches.)

All clocks and watches need regular maintenance for optimum performance. When a clock or watch malfunctions, the cause is often a lack of proper maintenance. Watches and clocks should be serviced every 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of watch or clock.

pics for web 012When we service a watch or clock, we typically disassemble the entire movement, ultrasonically clean each component, visually inspect each component for defects, make corrections or replace parts as necessary, re-assemble and oil the movement, make adjustments to the escapement and other areas as needed, then test-run the movement, during which timing adjustments are made. In the case of clocks, we install new bushings in worn pivot holes, and polish all pivots and pallet faces as needed. In the case of jeweled watch movements, the jeweled bearing surfaces and pallet stones seldom wear down, however they can crack or shatter if the watch is subject to shock, in which case the jewel would need replacement. All of this work is very painstaking and time consuming, however it is the only way to do the job properly. When we repair a timepiece, we aim to make the timepiece perform as closely as possible to the way it did when it was new. Please note, however, that many antique and vintage timepieces cannot be made to perform exactly as new, though they can often perform close to new.

We estimate each job individually, and we contact the customer with an estimate before starting the work. We do the vast majority of our work on premises. In the rare instances when we need to send work off premises, we will always notify the customer beforehand.

If you live in the Daytona Beach area, we now have a local drop-off point for repairs.  You can bring your timepieces to the Our Old Stuff Antique Mall at 1005 Ridgewood Ave. in Holly Hill.  I will pick them up from there and contact you with an estimate. Or, I can meet you by appointment.  To make an appointment, or for questions about the status of your repair, or for a house call on a grandfather or other large clock, please call us at 386-761-0077.

If you live outside the Daytona Beach area, you can ship your timepieces to us for repair (please contact us first). Please be sure to pack your timepieces very carefully, include your full contact information, and ship by registered mail or other insured and trackable method. We recommend that you ship only watches and small clocks, as large clocks can be difficult and costly to ship.

Our shipping address is:
Mike’s H&E Clocks, Inc.
PO Box 238272
Port Orange, FL 32123

If you are hesitant about shipping your timepieces, please note that if you take a watch or clock to a local jeweler for repair, they will end up shipping it elsewhere more often than not, since most jewelry stores do not have a watchmaker on premises.

A note about water resistance: We cannot guarantee water resistance in any watch we service, regardless of its manufacturer’s water resistance rating, though we will re-seal watches to the best of our ability. (Please note that a watch manufacturer will not guarantee water resistance once the watch has been opened by anyone other than the manufacturer or a factory-authorized service center.) However, we do NOT recommend that any vintage or expensive modern watch be taken in water to begin with. If you must have a watch to take in the water, we recommend the Reactor brand watches.