Vintage Randall Made Denmark Special Fixed Blade Knife, White Bone Handle




Offered for sale is a vintage Randall Made Denmark Special fixed-blade knife, hand made in Orlando, Florida, USA probably ca. 1980s.  This knife features a forged carbon steel raised-point blade, a nickel silver single hilt, a duralumin butt cap, a wrist thong, and a very nice smooth white bone commando style handle.  The white bone handle material is highly sought after by Randall collectors, because it was available for only a short time.  The knife is in excellent condition overall, showing little evidence of use and carry.  The blade appears to be 100% intact, though there is some minor pitting on one side.  The handle is excellent.  Overall length 9″.  Blade length 4-5/8″.  If you were to order a new knife from Randall today, you would receive it in about 5 years, because the Randall workshop is so backed up with orders.  You couldn’t order this one from Randall today because the white bone is currently not offered as of this writing.  If you would rather not wait for your Randall, you can own this rare and highly collectible one today for $1100.00.